Q&A With Murray Goodwin

Murray Goodwin Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Athlete


Date of Birth: 16th Jan 1987

Height: 178cm

Weight: 70kg

Place of Birth:Gold Coast, Australia

Nicknames: Muzz & Goodo

Hobbies: Fishing, Guitar

Occupation: Secondary Health and Physical Education Teacher

Tertiary Education: Griffith University – Bachelor of Education (HPE Major)

Coach: Brett Robinson

Sporting Relatives: My father was a Australian Junior 800m Champion

Other Sports Played: Football (soccer) at State League Level

Injuries:  Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) surgery January 2016

Ambitions/Goals: 2019 World Relays and World Championships

Memorable Moments: 2015 Stawell Gift, Captaining Australia at the Oceania Games and, 2018 National Title

Hero: Jeff Horn (another teacher/athlete)  Cameron Smith, Michael Johnson

Biggest Influence: My dad and coach

Pre-competition Rituals: Coffee with friends

Public Appearances Murray Goodwin

Entry and return into the sport: I was a largely successful junior athlete in the sport, representing Gold Coast Little Athletics and Qld School Sport on several occasions over distances of 200m-800m and even hurdles. Some of the major achievements as a junior included a national medal in the 800m (12yrs) and a state championship title as a 17yr old and a host of Little Athletics records. Despite the bits of success, I made the difficult call to focus on my teaching degree/ obtaining full-time work as at the time I didn’t feel I had the momentum to become a full time athlete post-school. While studying I paid the bills by picking up a small wage playing in the Qld State League Soccer League, then after having established a permanent position with Varsity College in the Education Queensland system I began to slowly build up some training in 2014 (Age 27). A lot of this motivation can from a mindset of not wanting to have any regrets about what could have been.

In 2015 we (Brett Robinsion) and I devised a plan to start to train towards the Stawell Gift. As I hadn’t ever competed in that distance category before it was a challenging but rewarding season. I was lucky enough to have former Stawell Gift champion Mitchell Williams-Swain in the squad who was a great source of motivation and guidance. Eventually we ended up taking out the title in a time of 12.0 seconds off 6.5m. It was obviously a massive thrill and sense of accomplishment after feeling that  in being realistic, achieving anything at that age, coming back into the sport after a 10 year break was going to be very difficult. 

Following the gift we were very enthusiastic about trying to return to amateurs and set ourselves the goal of being competitive at a national level of the 400m, which we always felt was my preferred distance, even while training for the gift. 

Unfortunately however after returning from the 2015 off season, I developed a hip condition that ultimately resulted in hip surgery in January of 2016. At the time surgeons had said it was very unlikely I would return to the sport, but instead should be viewing the surgery as a positive step to continue my teaching career. 

Despite the knockbacks I was determined to keep pushing the body as much as I could and slowly during the later parts of 2016 started to feel the body responding to training again. I raced my first open national titles at 30yrs of age in April 2017, making it to the semi-final stage. We continued to work hard during the rest of 2017 and the rest as they say is history.